Why should I hire a wedding planner?
Because, wedding is something that comes only for once in a lifetime and you should be focused in dreaming your near future, not in handling the nitty-gritty of the ceremony. Hiring a wedding planner at the very beginning can take the burdens off from your shoulder. The planner will plan the entire function along with taking care of your guests, manage vendors and above all make the entire show smoothly successful. 
 What does The Wedding Soul do?
We create the soul of a wedding ceremony. We work from planning to execution. Starting at the very beginning of Proposal planning to complete execution, we take a vivid part in planning, designing and coordinating for the most vital day. Be it Stationary selection, managing various appointments or anything comes between you and your wedding, we make sure everything should be done accurately. 
 Why should I hire The Wedding Soul?
We are traditional, we are modern, we are well aware of young hearts. We understand what does an Indian wedding mean. It’s neither a celebration of a single day nor a single man; here two families celebrate the liaison of two hearts. And we are there to make the event flawless so that you can cherish its memory throughout your life. 
 Does my dream wedding have to be expensive?
Not really. We believe dream costs nothing. So, we aim to create your dream wedding within your budget.
 What services does The Wedding Soul provide?
We serve you with everything that you look for a wedding. From arrangements for engagement, Sangeet, Mehendi, Wedding to design and decoration, accommodation for guests, etc. We are specialized in Destination Wedding and Theme Wedding. We do customization according to your wedding plan and provide best deal. 
 At what stage should I hire a wedding planner?
A wedding planner can do his best job if he is hired at the initial stage. So we suggest, when you decide the date of your wedding, the very first thing is to do is hiring a wedding planner. Though we are open to join you at any stage, it is your call when you are allowing us to help you. 
 Why should I have a Theme Wedding?
If you want to make your wedding a lavish one, we suggest you to choose a Theme Wedding. With the help of professional hands, your dream wedding can be turned into reality. Your kind of theme shows your persona. Now let your persona decorate your wedding venue. You get a wide option to choose theme, it may be your favourite colour or your favourite place or may be something unusual that narrates about you; we decorate it as you want to see.
 What are Destination Weddings?
If you want to turn your most special day into an ever cherishing vacation for you and your guests, destination wedding is something that you are looking for. We help you choose destination of your choice and turn it into your wedding venue. We provide Destination Wedding anywhere in India and abroad.
 How does The Wedding Soul help me in organizing Destination Wedding?
Destination wedding is something that can’t be managed all alone. We have a complete panel to help you starting from travel to accommodation and from guest management to itinerary planning along with other wedding services.
 How much of a say do I have in the final decision?
It’s your wedding and you are the person to decide everything. We will consult you from every angle and aspect understanding your likings and disliking, but at the end you are the person who will decide how your wedding should be.
 Do I have an option to choose my own Photographer /  Cinematographer?
Of course you may. We believe your best day should build a treasure of memories for entire life. The best way to capture those moments is through photography and wedding video. We are associated with quality photographers and cinematographers who can make your day. But if you want to go on your own, we will always welcome them and work freely.